Leela Quantum Tech | Prosperity Frequency Card

Leela Quantum Tech | Prosperity Frequency Card

Leela Quantum Tech | Prosperity Frequency Card

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  • Charged with the Prosperity Frequency and Quantum Energy.
  • Golden look, in convenient credit card format.
  • Perfect for travel, to wear in a pocket.
  • Specifically designed mandala that matches and/or supports the frequency on the card.


The Prosperity Frequency is one of the cards that was created to help remove blockages and barriers that prevent us from being in tune with the money flow, and to welcome and create financial abundance in our lives.

It works on a number of levels and is very effective in each of those levels. Many people, either consciously or unconsciously, don’t allow themselves to have money or that they view money as something negative. Certainly, money should not be worshiped or be the driver of our lives. That’s unhealthy.

A lot of “spiritual” people often have resistance to it, or think “it’s not spiritual to make or have money”. However, money is simply frequency and energy, and a healthy attitude towards money and prosperity is important.

We don’t necessarily need to amass money, but at the same time, we can welcome money and allow ourselves to let it flow beautifully in our lives—like everything else, it should be in a good flow.

One of the things most humans carry within themselves—often deep inside—is not feeling worthy. However, all of us are worthy, worthy of being loved at our core. The Prosperity Frequency helps to transform energetic blockages and beliefs and can transform them much quicker.

The Prosperity Frequency also helps us tune into the money flow, which energetically invites money into our lives. In some cases, it can be noticed fairly quickly. In other cases, where a lot is in the way, it constantly signals (while wearing/using it) to our core that any blockages, resistances, or hidden belief systems get continuously transformed so that these supportive prosperity “waves” keep moving us in this direction, the prosperity flow.


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