Learn How to Use Nutrition to Master Your Mind and Body

World-class nutrition training course that helps you transform lives, including your own

“I am so thankful for this program! I started it because I needed to make some changes in my life since I was having some of the same health problems my mother had…. So many things I already knew and had ignored for years. Now I’m on a healthy path and am amazed by how quickly my body has adjusted to the changes, as well the pounds I’ve shed and how energized I feel.”

- Terri, Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program Graduate

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step on Your Wellness Journey?

Studying nutrition changed my life.ᅠIt helped me cut through the confusion of paleo, veganism, plant-based, intermittent fasting, and more to experience lasting energy, vitality, and improved immunity.

It gave me the tools and knowledge to help heal my father, successfully getting him off six medications, losing over 50lbs, and completely recovering his life and health. Being a part of this transformation also gave me the inspiration and confidence to start Food Matters.

This laid the groundwork for starting an online movement that has inspired millions worldwide.

Unfortunately,ᅠwe aren't taught about real nutrition in school. We have a medical profession that is rarely trained to use food as medicine, and the multi-billion dollar fast-food and pharmaceutical industries thrive on misleading consumers.

Now it's time to take our power back!

James Colquhoun
Chief Executive Officer of Gaia and Co-Founder of Food Matters and The Food Matters Institute

Are You Tired of Feeling Like This?

  • You’re overwhelmed by the amount of conflicting ‘evidence’ online on the best diet for you.
  • You’re struggling with uncomfortable bloating, hormonal imbalances, constant digestive issues, and unexplained weight gain even though you live a healthy lifestyle.
  • You’re spending lots of time and money on specialist appointments, only to be sent off to get tests that cost you hundreds more.
  • You have no option but to live with an illness because you’ve tried every option out there and still find yourself unwell and unhappy.
  • You don’t have the credibility to be taken seriously by friends and family when it comes to health and wellness.
  • You’re ready to say goodbye to persistent sickness and pain, and transform your life using nutrition.

This is why we created the Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program. This online nutrition course is meant to alleviate the overwhelming feeling surrounding nutrition and the hours spent seeking support, to help you transform your health and life, and help others do the same.

The Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program Is for You If:

  • You are looking to improve the health of yourself and your family naturally.
  • You're looking for solutions to digestive issues, hormone issues, inflammation, heart issues, and aging.
  • You want to learn practical solutions on how food plays a key role in gut health, weight, mood, energy levels, sleep, and more.
  • You want to become your own health coach and formalize your knowledge so that you can feel confident to take your health into your own hands, and help loved ones do the same.
  • You want to study with an institution that provides multidimensional support so that you can successfully complete the program despite not having prior nutrition knowledge or previous study experience.
  • You are open to exploring and learning about new modalities that you can use to improve your health.
  • You have a busy schedule and are looking for a self-paced program that you can complete in your own time around your lifestyle.

“I took the program because I had a lot of gut issues and “Dr. Google” was just confusing me. What I got was education in overall health and wellbeing, tools to heal my belly for good, and so much more. I’m 57 and feel better than I did at 27.”

— Anita, Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program Graduate

“I have been in the food industry for the last 20 years.

One of the reasons that led me to this course was the health of my children and how to help them take their vitamins, mineral nutrients, etc. This course guided me to that, thank you!”

— Aaron, Certified Food Matters Nutrition Coach

“I am so excited to continue learning and growing and want to share that knowledge with others.

I developed a passion for wellness and nutrition after being diagnosed with a chronic illness several years ago. I also have seizures due to a traumatic brain injury.  Being able to put into practice what I have been learning has totally changed my life.”

— Joy, Gahanna, Ohio

“I decided the best gift I could give myself was doing this course...

My health journey started after having IBS most of my life and going in all directions to "fix it." Now perimenopausal, the symptoms I had learned to live with got worse, so I decided the best gift I could give myself was doing this course....already seeing massive improvements with the changes I have made so I am achieving my goal.”

— Adina, Motueka, New Zealand

“I am thrilled to see my name on the certificate! This has been such a rewarding experience and a game changer! I am excited to apply this knowledge in my daily life. Some of it I have already started like participating in the gluten free challenge (feeling great about that too). I recommend this course to everyone who follows Food Matters! Thank you to the FM team! I absolutely love you guys.”

— Sabiya, Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program Graduate

Learn from the World’s Leading Nutrition and Natural Health Experts

Meet Over 50 of Your Personal World-Class Expert Teachers

Christa Orecchio
Clinical & Holistic Nutritionist
David Wolfe
Leading Raw Food Expert & Best-Selling Author
Dr. Mark Hyman
Integrative Doctor & Best-Selling Author
Dr. Tom O’Bryan
Functional Medicine & Autoimmune Specialist
JJ Virgin
Fitness Expert & Author
Jon Gabriel
Visualization Expert Best-Selling Author
Dave Asprey
Founder of Bulletproof & Best-Selling Author
Dr. Libby Weaver
Nutritional Biochemist & Best-Selling Author
Dr. Bruce Lipton
Stem Cell Biologist & Best-Selling Author
Joe Dispenza
Researcher, Teacher, Lecturer & Author
Charlotte Gerson
Founder of the Gerson Institute and Therapy
Marc David, Psy.M.
Psychologist & Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating
Amina Eastham-Hillier
Naturopath, Herbalist & Nutritionist
Clint Ober
Grounding Expert & Author
Cyndi O’Meara
Founder of Changing Habits & Filmmaker
Cyrus Khambatta
Co-founder of Mastering Diabetes
Daniel Vitalis
Nature-Based Philosopher & Host of Wildfed
Dr. Alan Christianson
Naturopath & Best-Selling Author
Dr. Alejandro Junger
Cardiologist & Best-Selling Author
Dr. Andrew Saul
Natural Health Educator & Author
Dr. Dan Rogers
Medical Practitioner & Naturopath
Dr. Eric Zielinksi
Researcher, Aromatherapist & Best-Selling Author
Dr. Ian Brighthope
Medical Practitioner
Dr. Josh Axe
Doctor of Natural Medicine & Nutritionist
Dr. Sandeep Gupta
Integrative Doctor & Holistic Health Practitioner
Dr. Sarah Lantz
Nutritionist & Environmental Health Educator
Dr. Tami Meraglia
Hormone Expert & Author
Dr. Victor Zeines
Holistic Dentist & Author natdent.com
Dr. William Davis
Cardiologist & Best-Selling Author
Elizabeth Rider
Health Coach, Blogger & Author
James Colquhoun
Founder of Food Matters
Jason Prall
Practitioner, Author & Filmmaker of The Human Longevity Project
Jason Vale
Motivational Speaker, Lifestyle Coach & Best-Selling Author
Jason Wrobel
Speaker, Lifestyle Coach & Best-Selling Author
John Robbins
Food Activist & Best-Selling Author
Kim Morrison
Aromatherapist, Author & Speaker
Liana Werner-Gray
Nutritionist & Best-Selling Author
McKel Hill
Dietitian & Nutritionist
Nick Polizzi
Author & Founder of The Sacred Science
Ocean Robbins
Co-Founder of Food Revolution Network
Renae Redgen
Founder of Deeto
Ryland Engelhart
Co-Founder of Kiss the Ground
Sayer Ji
Researcher, Author & Founder of Greenmedinfo.com
Shawn Stevenson
Health Coach & Best-Selling Author
Susan Teton
Raw Food Chef & Nutrition Advocate
Udo Erasmus, Ph.D
Author, Nutrition Expert & Authority on the Subject of Fats and Oils
Vanessa Lamaro
Naturopath & Herbalist
Vani Hari
Founder of Food Babe & Best-Selling Author

After Completing the Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program You Will:

  • Be able to identify which foods to eat and which to avoid to help heal and nourish the body and improve gut issues, inflammation, hormonal issues, chronic disease, and more.
  • Know how to fill your pantry and fridge with foods that will nourish your body and help to boost your immunity, longevity, energy, and regain your vitality.
  • Beᅠqualified to use your Food Matters Nutrition Certificationᅠto not only improve your health using nutrition but also help others do the same, creating a positive impact in their lives.
  • Understand theᅠimportance of bio individualityᅠand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to nutrition and health and how to apply this principle to your own life.
  • Know how toᅠutilize nutrition and natural healing methodsᅠto handle any future health issues that arise, ensuring you stay healthier for longer.
  • Be able to apply practical solutions in your everyday life that will help reinforce the importance of usingᅠfood as medicine.

Enroll Now and Become Your Own Nutrition Coach

  • Lifetime access to the program, bonuses & support.
  • 100% online & accessible 24/7 - complete around your own schedule.
  • Free upgrades to all new lessons & content added in the future.
  • Unlimited access to support via Live Chat, Email, WhatsApp & Private Facebook Group
  • Easy to complete in less than 6 months.
  • 14-day money back guarantee - love it or your money back!

“You can't put a price on health, and there is nothing more empowering than having the knowledge to be able to help yourself and your loved ones if the need arises.”
Michelle Pedula, Founder of Harvest & Wellness - Ontario, Canada.
"Understanding the fundamentals of wholesome nutrition, superfoods, gut health, hormones, detoxing, and how to heal with food has given me the confidence to support my clients on their journey to better wellbeing."
Bec Russell - Queensland, Australia
Wellbeing Mentor, Yoga Teacher & Writer
"Not only do I now know what to eat, when to eat, and where to source the food from, but I also know how to eat with more flexibility."
Nancy Timmins - Ontario, Canada
Founder of Follow the Jade Rabbit- Health & Fitness Coaching

Take a Look Inside the Program

We believe we’ve created the world’s best (and most beautiful), online nutrition certification program. But don’t just take our word for it, watch the video below to take a sneak peak inside the program with Kayla, our Student Advisor and Food Matters Institute Holistic Nutritionist to see how easy it is to navigate through the program.

How The Nutrition Certification Program Works

Your success is our success! We’ve designed this online nutrition course to be easy to complete around your own schedule so that you can jump right in, and start seeing improvements in your health TODAY!

10 modules of easy to apply nutrition training - audio & video lessons available.
Complete each module in your own time - average 5 hours per module.
Complete a multiple choice quiz at the end of each module (retake as many times as you need).
Additional support resources like a physical workbook, transcripts, and practicals.
Instantly download your Nutrition Coach certificate upon completion. 
Revisit the program with lifetime access & support - including access to new content & bonuses.
Join the Referral Program, and earn back your enrollment fees by sharing the program with others.

Program Overview

“The Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program does not stop giving. I loved the content… One of the best decisions I have ever made for myself and loved ones.”

— Ian, Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program Graduate

“I did the program last year and it absolutely changed my life. Not only can I help others but also help myself and my family live a fuller and happier life.”

— Marli, Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program Graduate

“It helped me save my life, and my husband's life on more than one occasion and helped me instill seeds of knowledge into my children.

I can attest the information in this program is literally life saving and life-changing. The value I have gained in the arsenal of knowledge and practical experience is far beyond anything I could have ever imagined.”

— Rashelle, Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program Graduate

“Throughout the duration of this program, I have felt so inspired and empowered learning the true definition of health.

I feel privileged to have gained all that I have from this program, and I now truly believe in nature’s ability to heal our bodies, allowing us to thrive and live to our fullest potential.”

— Jade, Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program Graduate

“I can tell you, the program has changed my life. I encourage others to take this program because it gives us the power to choose food that brings us life and happiness.”

— Caroline, Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program Graduate

Plus Unlock Over $7,100 Worth of Bonuses When You Enroll

Total Value of Exclusive Bonuses = $7,171

Here’s What Our Students Have to Say


When I started the Program, I was doing so to heal my own chronic illness. I was blown away by the amount of information that was provided and have discovered so many ways to improve my health. One thing that has surprised me the most is where my studies have taken me! I have used the knowledge I have gained to create Chronic Illness Healing Workbooks for mental and physical health, and I hope to help and inspire others struggling with their health to make changes and see improvements.


I studied medicine in the 1980s and took 36 courses until I graduated, but none of it was about nutrition. It was not by chance but by purpose. As we know, often behind governments (including universities and medical schools) are the big pharmaceutical companies trying to promote their poisons. I got invaluable knowledge from this course, much of which I assimilated immediately... It helped me reinforce the knowledge I already had and also added some extremely important new information so that I could heal myself and my loved ones with natural methods. The study does not stop here. In fact, now it begins...


For anyone thinking about this but feeling hesitant, I took the leap last November and joined the first ever class. Next to being a mother, this is the best thing I’ve ever done in my life (and I have a fulfilling life!) But the Food Matters Nutrition Coach journey is OUTSTANDING and we learn so much, all the time. I rave about this program to everyone I meet.

Caron Huck

To the Food Matters Team and especially Laurentine and James - thank you for making this program possible!  I’ve learned so much and will continue to explore all the additional resources within each module. I loved every minute! Now onto the Bonus Module. 😊 💜


When I started the Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program, I was doing so to heal my own chronic illness. I was blown away with the amount of information that was provided and have discovered so many ways to improve my health. I love the printed workbook and find studying from reading very helpful. One thing that has surprised me the most is where my studies have taken me! I have used the knowledge I have gained to create Chronic Illness Healing Workbooks, for mental and physical health. I hope to help and inspire others struggling with their health to make changes and see improvements. I’m so grateful I decided to take the course and highly recommend it to everyone!


I loved every minute of the training, and am grateful for the support of the Food Matters tribe: the awesome, responsive staff, and the savvy, passionate students. The experience was like a fire hose of information, so I'm really happy that all of the course materials are available for me to go back and review again and again. All of the Resources at the end of each module are also really helpful. I'm eager now to jump into the Bonuses and learn how to parlay my newfound knowledge into a business so I can help others live their healthiest, most vibrant lives possible. Thank you!!!


I'm so pleased to have participated in, and finished this wonderful course! It took a bit longer than I initially planned, however as I began each module it seemed very timely with family members' health issues. I thoroughly enjoyed sharing what I learned and hope/plan to do more of this in the future. Thank you so much! With appreciation to everyone involved in the Food Matters Program.


After losing my job during the pandemic, I took the Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program to transition to a new career by following my passion in helping mums create better health for their family. In your program, you not only provided your students with the education, but you’ve also provided us with the community and a way to get paid through your referral program. It feels amazing (yet surreal) to share what I love, make an impact and get paid. Thank you so much James, Laurentine and everyone at the Food Matters Team, you’ve changed my life. I love this program so much that I would share it with everyone I know.


Thanks so much for developing and offering this Certification Program. It has been one of the best learning experiences that I have ever had. I’m putting this information into practice on myself and will see where my journey takes me. The Food Matters team is committed to excellence and has developed the most fantastic natural healing program I’ve seen to date. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I look forward to more magnificence from Food Matters!


Plus Unlock Over $7,100 Worth of Bonuses When You Enroll

Explore the entire program and exclusive bonuses 100% risk-free for 14 days!

Love it, or your money back.

What You Get:

  • SPECIAL OFFER: Printed Workbook shipped to your door for free!
  • Lifetime access to the entire program and bonuses, including audio & video lessons taught by over 50 of the world’s best experts in health & nutrition.
  • Lifetime access to the Institute support team and our In-House Nutritionist to answer all of your questions as you work through the program (and beyond).
  • Access to the Institute's global student community to connect online with like-minded learners from around the world.
  • Nutrition Consultant accreditation on completion, plus immediate access to international industry membership and insurance at IICT.
  • 2x FREE additional programs! Access the 7 Day Juice Detox and 21 Day Clean Eating Program to help make healthy habits in the kitchen even easier.
  • Over $7,100 in bonuses to solidify the concepts you are learning and practically apply them in your life.
  • Money back guarantee. Explore the entire program and all exclusive bonuses for 14 days, 100% risk-free. Love it, or receive your money back.
  • PLUS, lifetime access to ALL NEW CONTENT and updates that we add in the future.

Food Matters Institute Nutrition Certification Program

Total Value of Program & Bonuses: $8,961

Your Price:

Regular price Original: $2,690 USD
Gaia Members: $2,421 (Save $269)
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14 Day Money Back Guarantee If You Don't Love The Program

Our #1 priority is your happiness and success. We aren’t asking you to make a final decision on the program today. We just want you to make a fully informed decision on if it’s right for you. So we are giving you the opportunity to jump into the program for 14 days risk free. If you aren’t completely satisfied, we'll refund you the total purchase price. Simply reach out to our Customer Service team.

Program Accreditations

The Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program is certified by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) for practice in 35+ countries (including the USA, Australia, Canada, and UK), plus the International Approval and Registration Centre (IARC). Successful graduates qualify for membership and insurance through IICT under the Nutrition Consultant modality.

FREE Hard Copy Program Workbook Shipped to Your Door

As a special bonus when you enroll in this intake, you will receive a copy of the printed program workbook shipped to your door, no matter where you are in the world!

  • 300+ page printed workbook
  • Additional information on topics to take you deeper
  • Full color illustrations, charts, diagrams & lists
  • Helps reinforce your learning with easy to follow along format
  • Space for note-taking
  • And more!

Share Your Passion for Nutrition with Others

More than ever before, millions of people world-wide are suffering from stress, anxiety, and poor health. And they’re desperately searching for answers.

This problem has opened up a massive opportunity for those who have studied nutrition and understand how to help educate others on taking the steps forward to transform their health and heal.

According to the Global Wellness Institute, the Health and Wellness industry is a $4.2 trillion dollar market, and it’s only expected to keep growing. As the shortage of primary caregivers continues to grow, the employment opportunities in the field of health and nutrition education is projected to grow by 17% between 2020 and 2023 (Labor Bureau of Stats).

After completing the Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program, there’s a good chance you won’t want to keep this life-saving message to yourself. And when you graduate, you’ll be qualified to share this message with the world. Whether you're inspired to write a recipe book, start a blog, consult one-on-one with clients, or even make films… the possibilities will be endless!

This training will give you the knowledge and tools for your professional development, enabling you to transform the health and lives of others.

What sets the Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program apart?

  • Lifetime access to the Program means you can work through it at your own pace. The average course completion time is under 6 months, but you can choose how much time to dedicate to studying based on your own schedule. Meaning you can dive in and complete it in 3 months, or take it slower and complete it over 12.
  • You receive ongoing access to support even after you complete the program. This includes Live Chat, WhatsApp, email, the Private Community, and the Institute’s Student Advisor.
  • You will learn from over 50 health experts on a variety of nutrition approaches to gain a well-rounded understanding of human nutrition and health science nutrition so you can serve your clients more holistically (because there is no one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition and health).
  • The program consists of short audio and video lessons that cater to different learning styles, allowing you to complete the program in a way that suits your schedule and lifestyle best. Plus, you will get a FREE program workbook shipped to your door to help you on your study journey.
  • You’ll have access to global membership and insurance through the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) and International Approval and Registration Centre (IARC) if you’re inspired to turn your passion for nutrition into a career.

We're committed to helping you help yourself.

We believe that your body is worthy of good care and that no one is more suitably qualified to care for it than yourself.

We created the Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program from the growing need for people to heal themselves (or a loved one) naturally.

We've spent the last 15 years studying nutrition and interviewing experts in food, natural medicine, and mind-body therapies to uncover what's transforming lives today. We helped my father heal from depression chronic fatigue and come off six prescription medicines with this information, and it's only becoming more powerful. The method of healing and good health hasn't changed.

We believe that everyone deserves the right to good health, prosperity, and happiness. We're just making it a little bit easier for you to access.

We can't wait to welcome you to the Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program.

In good health,

James Colquhoun & Laurentine ten Bosch
Founders of Food Matters and The Food Matters Institute

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