Gene Keys: Unlocking Your Incarnation Codes: September 28 - 29, 2024
Gene Keys: Unlocking Your Incarnation Codes: September 28 - 29, 2024
Gene Keys: Unlocking Your Incarnation Codes: September 28 - 29, 2024
Gene Keys: Unlocking Your Incarnation Codes: September 28 - 29, 2024
Gene Keys: Unlocking Your Incarnation Codes: September 28 - 29, 2024
Gene Keys: Unlocking Your Incarnation Codes: September 28 - 29, 2024

Gene Keys: Unlocking Your Incarnation Codes: September 28 - 29, 2024

Gene Keys: Unlocking Your Incarnation Codes: September 28 - 29, 2024

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Join Richard Rudd for Gene Keys: Unlocking Your Incarnation Codes, a live GaiaSphere event just outside of Boulder, Colorado

About This Event

What if you had a precise map of your current lifetime; a path that leads to sharing your greatest gifts with the world? 

Teacher, author, and mystic Richard Rudd shares over the course of this two-day workshop, a synthesis of the I Ching and a universal code at the heart of natural systems that help you discover your purpose in this current incarnation. Learn through the lens of your genius, love, and prosperity essential steps on your journey of awakening to who you truly are. As the founder of Gene Keys, Rudd guides you through this rare life teaching that can bring about powerful transformations in all areas of your life.

Using your unique Gene Keys Profile as a basis, you’ll explore the main shadow patterns we each work with in this lifetime and the gifts that lie hidden behind them. You’ll also learn how to activate and embody your “siddhis,” miraculous higher states hidden in your DNA, which lie untapped until discovered.  

Join us for this practical immersion aimed at launching or deepening your journey into the magical world of the Gene Keys wisdom, and learn what your personal Activation, Venus, and Pearl are. Understand the mechanics and algorithms behind the Gene Keys, its mystical origins, and its purpose in heralding a new kind of transcendent human.

“The Gene Keys are a living wisdom. These are teachings to imbibe, contemplate, and apply in your daily life. As you allow them to percolate inside you, one by one, your troubles will begin to fall away, and you will find yourself inhabiting a new and brighter life.” — Richard Rudd,

Come experience the magic of a GaiaSphere event:

  • Bask in an intimate setting with one of your favorite luminaries.
  • Enjoy meaningful connections with a like-minded community.
  • See the Gaia Studios where our original series are filmed.
  • Walk the Gaia Labyrinth and see one of the largest geodes on Earth.
  • Experience the energy of our crystal-infused space.
  • Meet Gaia staff during the event.
  • Explore stunning Boulder, Colorado, and so much more!

We look forward to seeing you!


Session 1 | Introducing the Gene Keys - A Revelation of Divine Wisdom

In our first introductory Session, we will learn about what the Gene Keys are, how they came to be and how their revelation heralds a massive change for our whole species.

Understand the difference between Wisdom and Knowledge, in order to relax fully into receiving the transmission of the Gene Keys into your body and life.

Hear the extraordinary story of Richard’s awakening and voyage with him into the universal codes of consciousness imprinted in our DNA.

* Learn a powerful daily practice to connect your heart to the evolving heart of humanity as we move through a time of Great Change.

Session 2 | Contemplating Eternity - The structure of the soul in form

In this Session, we see the mystical infrastructure that underpins the Gene Keys teachings, and how the soul incarnates through 7 dimensional fields or subtle bodies, pulsing in and out of the form in precise, harmonic rhythms.

Learn about Double and Triple-strand DNA, and see through the eyes of an eternal incarnating soul as it emanates through the successive fields of Reality to land in a physical form.

Understand the deepest purpose of all life - to realise your true nature as a Divine player with a highly specific incarnative narrative, designed to transcend suffering and inhabit a higher ‘Rainbow Body’

* Meditation to connect with the ‘Golden Thread’ of your soul’s trajectory and its inevitable awakening.

Session 3 | Your Hologenetic Profile - The Algorithms of Incarnation

Now that we understand the framework, we dive into the personalised matrix - your Hologenetic Profile. You will learn about your Profile, its sequences and how to activate your Gene Keys using the Art of Contemplation.

Learn about the 64 Gene Keys, their 6 lines and how to understand and read the thread of your current incarnation and its themes. We also see how astrological data corresponds to the I Ching and how this in turn corresponds to patterns in our DNA.

*   Learn how to use the Art of Contemplation as a powerful transformational and practical technique for embodying the Gene Keys teachings in your life.

Session 4 | Your Activation Sequence - Embodiment of your highest purpose

In this session, we begin a potent journey into the Activation Sequence in our Profile, reflecting on the Gene Keys of our Life’s Work and Purpose. This is a unique experience to each of us and can be deeply illuminating.

Learn about true purpose of your soul’s journey in this life, to transform a specific set of challenges into the gifts of your Genius, and how to thus create true stability in your life.

*  Learn a powerful Exercise for grounding and anchoring the higher frequencies of your Gene Keys into your body and life.  

Session 5 | Your Venus Sequence - unlocking the love within the shadow

In this session, we are introduced to our Venus Sequence, a master code that explains the specific nature of our karma, and how we can transform the Gene Keys relating to our karma into their highest aspects as a form of love.

This aspect of our Profile deeply concerns our relationships in this life, and we look through the two lenses of our Attractor Field (how we draw people towards us) and our SQ (our highest form of love). Again, we will explore two sets of Gene Keys unique to us. Richard will use live examples from volunteers in the room to illuminate these Keys.

*Learn a beautiful and timeless exercise to soften and release the layers of holding around the heart

Session 6 | Your Pearl Sequence - unlocking the harmonics of prosperity

Your Pearl Sequence determines the unique nature of your prosperity in this life. Often surprising and deeply liberating, this part of your Profile and its Gene Keys invite us into deeper collaboration with our environment and with others.

Learn how to bring transformation into your relationship with money, with business and in your working life. Igniting the Gene Keys of your Pearl and Star Pearl, you can simplify your life and make space for greater prosperity than you ever imagined.

*  Activate great prosperity through the powerful Philanthropy Meditation, envisaging the end of your life and harvesting the legacy of all your combined good words and deeds.

Session 7 | The Algorithms of Excarnation - The Codes of Death and Rebirth

In this session we put all the elements of our Gene Keys Profile into a grand perspective as we explore the codes of how we are designed to leave this incarnation, as our 5 senses are de- activated in a natural sequence that is a reverse of our cycle of gestation in the womb.

Here we learn the patterns of letting go unique to us, and glimpse the higher connective Gene Keys sequence that links our multitude of lives together into a great tapestry. We explore soul families, bardos, conscious conception and how to set the trajectory of your next life.

*Learn how to attune to the unique pattern of our own death and rebirth, lessening any fear we may have around letting go of those we love, and eventually attachment to our current body. 

Session 8 | The Great Change - the coming of the future human

In our final Session, we explore the over-arching collective themes behind the Gene Keys as they prepare us for the coming time of massive change. Through the lens of Gene Key 55, the release code of Freedom, we learn to place our own evolutionary arc into its widest context.

We explore the 64 Siddhis, humanity’s highest potential and the nature of the future human. We also learn about a prophesied worldwide genetic mutation that will divide our species and in time allow us to transcend death and the cycle of incarnation. Filling us with hope for our planet and species, the Gene Keys give us a potent sense of renewed purpose and agency to create positive and powerful change wherever our soul leads us.

*Participate in a powerful planetary meditation catalysing Gene Key 55 throughout your body, preparing you for the time of the coming Great Change.


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Ticket Types:

General Admission tickets include: 

  • Two immersive days of presentations by Richard Rudd
  • Complimentary lunches (Choose your preferred meal type using the drop-down when ordering your ticket)
  • A chance to walk the Gaia labyrinth and take a tour of the production studio with other attendees.

Tickets do not include a digital copy of the event. However, you can watch this and all other previous and upcoming events with an Events+ Membership. Learn more here.

VIP tickets include:

Everything included in general admission, plus:

  • VIP Reception
  • Photo opportunity & Book signing with Richard Rudd during VIP reception(book provided)
  • Preferred seating in the first rows of the auditorium

Your ticket does not include a digital copy of the event. However, you can watch this and all other previous and upcoming events with an Events+ membership. Learn more here


Join us at Gaia’s headquarters outside of Boulder, Colorado, at our new, state-of-the-art event space, nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, less than 30 minutes from Denver. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to experience immersive workshops and events with top thought leaders in an intimate setting and form connections with a like-minded community journeying with you on your path.

Address: 833 W South Boulder Road, Louisville, CO 80027


There are several hotels within a 15-minute drive from GaiaSphere. We recommend staying incharming downtown Boulder, where you’ll find a variety of hotels within walking distance of local restaurants, shops, and fun activities, including:

 Hotel Boulderado

• Homewood Suites by Hilton

• Hilton Garden Inn

• Hilton Embassy Suites

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