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Yoga and Longevity: 8 Secrets for a Long, Healthy, and Happy Life

Learn How to Nurture Your Mind, Body, and Soul in This Course

For Those Who Want to Live a Long, Healthy Life

Living a healthy and happy life into your 70s, 80s, 90s, and beyond isn't an impossible dream. It happens all around the world and can happen for you too, regardless of your age. Naturally, you don't want to simply live to be 100! You want to be healthy, happy, riding your bike, gardening, cooking, playing with your grandkids, and actively enjoying every moment of this precious human life.

Most of us don't start thinking about longevity until we get into our 50s or so, or until we deal with injury or illness. Yoga and Longevity: 8 Secrets for a Long, Healthy, and Happy Life with Beryl Bender is designed for all people of all ages because we all want to live a long healthy life, and it's never too early to start moving in that direction. In fact, the earlier we start, the easier and more effective these practices are. The well-researched and documented commonalities of the world's longest lived and happiest people include spending time outdoors in nature, moving naturally, meditating, practicing yoga, connecting with your community, downshifting, finding your dharma, eating well, and much more.

This Program is for You If:

  • You want the secrets to extending your longevity
  • You want your older years to be your healthiest ones yet
  • You want practical, everyday tools to add years to your life
  • You already have a yoga practice that you would like to expand
  • You have an interest in studying yoga longevity but don’t have time to commit to extensive study hours

Meet Your Teacher

Beryl Bender, author and activist, graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in English and philosophy and has been an avid student of classical yoga since 1971. She traveled to India in 1974 with her Jain teacher, Munishree Chitrabhanu, to further her studies of Eastern wisdom traditions.

She is the founder and director of The Hard & The Soft Yoga Institute, a prestigious Yoga Alliance nationally recognized school that has been training yoga and meditation teachers since 1980, and is now a "virtual" school with ongoing training and global participation.

Beryl is also the co-founder and board chair of the Give Back Yoga Foundation and the best-selling author of many books on yoga, including Beyond Power Yoga and Yoga for Warriors. Her current online yoga studio, Just This, is a refuge for yogis seeking community and connection.

Beryl Bender

This training focuses on introducing you to the eight “secrets” of longevity

You’ll learn:

  • The importance of yoga for longevity
  • How to incorporate the practice of journaling into your life
  • A variety of conscious breathing practices that you can incorporate into your own life
  • The principles for awakening self-compassion
  • Meditation techniques that promote a longer life
  • Yoga postures that you can do no matter what your age is 

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  • 8 Hours to Complete
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  • Take it at your own pace
  • Fun and lighthearted lectures
  • Teachers eligibility to get continuing education credits

The goal of this training is to show you how a yoga lifestyle and the commonalities of longevity combine into a tried-and-true package to add years to your life

Course Outline

Eligibility for Continuing Education Credit

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Yoga International - Yoga and Longevity Course

Yoga International - Yoga and Longevity Course

Yoga International - Yoga and Longevity Course

Yoga International - Yoga and Longevity: 8 Secrets for a Long, Healthy and Happy Life Course

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