Bring Home the Wonder of Nature
with the 24-Plant Farmstand

Join us in revolutionizing the food system and creating a more sustainable future

The 24-Plant Farmstand

Meet The Farmstand

The Lettuce Grow Story

I remember the first time I visited our farm in Austin, Texas and pulled a fresh turnip out of the ground. I was in awe - not only of its extraordinary taste and beauty but by the profound connection I felt to nature and the magic it holds. It made me realize how flawed our food system is. How disconnected most of us are from where our food comes from. And how much power we have to change it.

That moment inspired my journey to create Lettuce Grow and The Farmstand, so everyone could experience the transformative power of knowing where your food comes from and the joy of growing it yourself.

Lettuce Grow is more than gardening. It’s a movement designed to inspire individuals and families to demand better from our food system. To improve our health, lessen the impact of climate change, and address global resource constraints. Each time you plant a seedling or harvest your produce, you make a difference for your family and the planet.

We encourage you to engage with where your food comes from and help us move toward a system that respects our farmers and the land. Together, let's create a more sustainable and nourishing world!

Jacob Pechenik & Zooey Deschanel

24-Plant Farmstand Bundle

24-Plant Farmstand Bundle

24-Plant Farmstand Bundle

Available in the U.S. only.
  • Includes:
  • 24 seedlings
  • Grow cups
  • Water pump
  • Analog timer
  • Plant Nutrient and Scoops
  • pH down kit and related supplies
  • pH down for optimal water
Regular price Original: $558.68 USD
Members: $502.81 (Save $55.87)

Reasons You’ll Love the 24-Plant Farmstand


The Farmstand's modular design can be used indoors or outdoors with the purchase of Glow Rings®

Modular Design

The Farmstand is easy to expand allowing you to grow up to 36 plants

Abundant Assortment

Broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, and eggplants are just a few fan favorites on our rotating 'Outdoor' seedling menu

Easy Maintenance

The Farmstand was created with convenience n mind. Maintenance only takes about 5 minutes a week


Grow produce with confidence thanks to our easy-to-use hydroponic system. This design delivers the precise amount of water and nutrients and recycles excess back into the tank


Our in-house team of horticulture experts has perfected the ultimate blend of plant-enhancing nutrients to make your plants thrive

Customer Reviews


“I love my new Farmstand, it’s just blooming now and almost ready to harvest! THANK YOU for this amazing product! Salads for EVERYONE!”

Jennifer M.

“The Farmstand has exceeded all my expectations! I love everything about the Farmstand. It’s so fun to watch the plants grow. It’s fun to nurture the plants to maturity. It’s fun to harvest the plants but most of all, this farm stand is a work of art.”

Susan L.

“In the six weeks I’ve been growing on the Farmstand, it has literally changed our lives. The weekly maintenance is straightforward, and it is very empowering to eat meals that you have grown.”

Nicole A.

“What a great product… Everything about it is top notch. The tower is well constructed, and on top of being a great alternative to the grocery store, it is great for winter. Love this product -  well worth the investment.”

Lori A. 


Bring Home the Wonder of Nature
with the 24-Plant Farmstand

Join us in revolutionizing the food system and creating a more sustainable future