Dowsing Ancient America Tour
Dowsing Ancient America Tour
Dowsing Ancient America Tour
Dowsing Ancient America Tour

Dowsing Ancient America Tour

Dowsing Ancient America Tour

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Join the research and explore the past.
Chaco Canyon is a place of memories that reminds us to attune to Mother Nature, the land and its energies. 

Saturday, August 24th & Sunday, August 25th
Each day will begin at 10AM and end at 4PM

Chaco Canyon reminds us of a time that was as it was once a great capital of the ancient civilisation of the South West. Pueblo Bonito, is the largest of 12 Great Houses, and it once consisted of up to five stories containing 650 rooms. Built by the Ancestral Puebloans from AD 900 – 1150. The ancestors of the Hopi were not nomadic, like all ancient cultures, the Puebloan High Priestesses and Priests located their constructs above earth energy patterns and ley lines that determined their location and inspired the megalithic architecture. We will discover how the energies dictated its shape and unusual features such as T-doors and how coils of earth energy encircle the Kivas, (similar patterns occur at the Stonehenge mounds). Myths and the traditions speak of a nearby emergence point-Gaia guided the ancient people to locate Chaco by following the straight Great North Road…

The ancestral world of Chaco understood that Gaia’s energy was paramount. Despite the fact that the area had no trees and 200,000 massive log beams had to be imported from 46 miles (75 km) away, which were needed to create the multiple storied buildings; an extraordinary feat. This ceremonial landscape is associated with yin and yang earth currents that entwine a ley line, similar to earth currents that are found in Avebury and Glastonbury that are called Mary and Micheal and they entwine the 300-mile-long St. Micheal ley line.

In Europe, another long ley line is associated with the yang and yin Apollo and Athena earth currents that coil around its ley targeting numerous sacred sites and vast temples. But, at Chaco we meet not Christian saints or Greek gods but totem spiritual animals of Wolf and Deer. Chaco is a borrowed word from Quechua ‘chaku’ meaning ‘hunting ground.’ Wolf and Deer are yang and yin earth energy currents respectively, that meander around the Great North Road, which is in part a ley line. Wolf and Deer teach us lessons as we dowse…

Wolf Spirit
I am inspired by how Jamie Sams and David Carson describe wolf medicine as “empowering the teacher within us all to come forth and aid the children of Earth in understanding the Great Mystery and life.”

Deer Spirit
From the mighty stag to the gentle doe, deer shows us gentleness yet strength, protection, enhances intuition, insight and unconditional love.

At Chaco: Interacting and dowsing with:

Secondary Haloes
Primary Spirals
Coil of the Dragon
Ley lines
Male and Female earth currents: Wolf and Deer
Vortex energy
Branch spirals

We will visit other Great Houses within the Chaco complex.
Chetro Ketl and Pueblo del Arroyo

Aztec Ruins (West) is a sacred site within a harmonic landscape encouraging visions and it symbolises new beginnings. This is because the ancients moved their capital from Chaco and founded this new massive complex. It contains quintessential tri-(and quad) walled structures that have baffled archaeologists for centuries.  However, when we explore their earth energies the answer becomes clear. On site there is a spectacular reconstructed Kiva that allows us a privileged insight into the ceremonial past, and perhaps how it felt for the Ancestral Puebloans to be inside. This was, is, and will always be, a high energy location where we can feel the power of place, and where Deer earth energy is strong as it flows down the axis line of a structure bestowing the rooms with the energy of insight and intuition. Wolf earth current is nearby, not in a hunting role, but bestowing protection, loyalty and admiration of the sacred White Deer…

At Aztec Ruins: Interacting and dowsing with:

Primary haloes
Male and Female earth currents: Wolf and Deer
Earth Energy Power Points
Lunar ley lines
Solar ley lines


August 24th – Day 1. We will meet at 10am at the Visitor centre at Aztec Ruins (finish at 4 pm)

August 25th – Day 2. We will meet at 10 am at the Visitor Centre at Chaco Canyon (finish at 4 pm).

Farmington, NM is the closet town that offers accommodations.


Maria Wheatley is an accomplished author and second-generation dowser who was taught by European Master Dowers — her late father and Chinese geomants. Wheatley is a leading authority on earth energies, ley lines, and ancient megalithic sites, and is the UK’s foremost dowser of the geodetic system of earth energies. Her books include Ancient Sites of Stonehenge and Divining Ancient Sites. In 2015, Wheatley made a major discovery; a lost civilization in Neolithic Britain with elongated skulls who made Stonehenge their spiritual capital. She’s since discovered that their body proportions made them look like mystical beings. Wheatley has appeared on the Gaia Original series Ancient Civilizations and Open Minds.


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