Sacred Sound Healing Online Retreat
Sacred Sound Healing Online Retreat
Sacred Sound Healing Online Retreat
Sacred Sound Healing Online Retreat
Sacred Sound Healing Online Retreat

Sacred Sound Healing Online Retreat

Sacred Sound Healing Online Retreat

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Sacred Sound Healing: A LIVE Online Mantra Sound Bath Retreat

September 28 & 29, 2024

Discover the Transformative Power of Sound in our Online Sacred Sound Retreat!

Unlock the Secrets of Your Biofield: Your Body’s Energy Blueprint

Have you ever felt a radiating energy from yourself or others? This fascinating aspect of human existence is your biofield, an intricate energy field surrounding and permeating your body. Science is only beginning to understand its role, but we know it influences your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It's more than just an aura; it's the very source of your life experiences. By optimizing your biofield, you unlock a wealth of potential for healing, growth, and transformation.

Join us for the Online Sacred Sound Retreat on September 28th & 29th, 2024!

Sound offers a key to unlocking your biofield's potential. Through techniques like Tibetan singing bowls, guided meditations, breathwork, and movement, you'll reconnect with the boundless, life-giving energy that naturally flows within you. This retreat will guide you in opening these channels, ushering you into a new way of being.

Led by the renowned Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary, a neurologist, Ayurvedic practitioner and sound medicine expert, and Joshua Barr, a sound healer and Varma therapist, this immersive two-day retreat equips you with powerful tools to:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Improve sleep and overall well-being

  • Enhance creativity and focus

  • Unlock your body's natural healing potential

Experience the ancient wisdom of sound healing combined with modern science. Learn to remove blockages, reconnect with your inner power, and create a more fulfilling life. Join us on this journey of self-discovery and transformation!

Limited spots available. Register today!


  • September 28, 2024 9:00am-5:00pm Pacific Time (Saturday)

  • September 29, 2024 9:00am-5:00pm Pacific Time (Sunday)

This two-day live online workshop, led by Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary and sound healer Joshua Barr, will equip you with powerful tools for self-transformation.

You Will Experience:

  • Biofield Activation: Discover how sound can energize and harmonize your biofield.

  • Breathwork Mastery: Learn to harness the power of your breath to amplify your biofield's charge.

  • Movement for Expansion: Open your body and mind through guided movement practices.

  • Sustainable Practices: Create a personalized daily routine of sound meditation and breathwork for lasting well-being.

Get lasting benefits even if you can't attend live! A recording of the retreat will be available for two weeks, allowing you to participate later or revisit the materials for continued growth.


Meet Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary, a neurologist, neuroscientist, and a pioneering voice in Sound Medicine and Ayurveda. Combining modern neuroscience with ancient wisdom, Dr. Chaudhary has helped thousands achieve health goals they never thought possible. She passionately advocates for a wellness-based medical system that empowers patients, moving beyond traditional disease-focused approaches. Dr. Chaudhary is the acclaimed author of "The Prime" and "Sound Medicine" and has shared her insights on national platforms like The Dr. Oz Show and Home & Family.

With decades of experience, Dr. Chaudhary continues to advance medical research, participating in over 20 clinical studies on conditions like multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease. Her work includes pioneering stem cell therapies and uncovering ancient Siddha Medicine texts in India. As part of the Healthy Directions family, she’s developing an at-home wellness program to help millions lead healthier, happier lives.

Joshua Barr’s heart-centered approach to healing combines bodywork, sound healing, the ancient science of Varma therapy, Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, and Reiki. His 20+ years of practicing healing work has given him a unique and holistic perspective of mind-body balance.

At 25 years of age, Joshua suffered a stroke resulting in complete weakness of his left arm and leg. The doctors predicted he would never use the left side of his body normally again. This experience propelled him to explore alternative healing methods to regain his strength. He pursued acupuncture, massage, Reiki, yoga, meditation and Ayurveda as his own healing tools, and ultimately, healed that which doctors determined was unchangeable. He was so inspired by the results of his personal transformation that he dedicated his life to learning these healing techniques to help others.

Joshua is a licensed massage therapist, Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor, Ayurvedic practitioner, Varma therapist, sound healer (nada yogi) and certified Reiki master. His training includes time in Buddhist monasteries in Thailand and Cambodia, Hindu ashrams in India and studying with the Siddha masters of South India. He lived and studied with his beloved Guru, Sri Sakthi Amma, in Tamil Nadu, India for nearly a decade. Sri Sakthi Amma taught him the ancient use of sound for healing. This journey transformed his life and expanded his understanding of the intricate systems of the human body, mind, and spirit. 

After training with master healers from traditions around the world, Joshua has developed his own style of healing centered around bodywork, meditation, sound healing, and compassion. 

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